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Privacy Policy:

Packers Club is working to provide their clients with the best possible support. We have been working beautifully in the area of resettlement and have been rooted in our clients ‘ minds for several years. For a strong privacy framework, we maintain full responsibility. Our Privacy Policy, as described below, allows everyone to understand how we function.

Information Types:

Whenever someone makes a request or calls us, as part of our support program, we get their details. The records include their initials, telephone numbers or email addresses. We store the IP address of the visitors of our website as well. For create a customer database, we store pieces of information. This lets us provide our clients with secure and trouble-free facilities.

Information Usage:

We require permission from the user before using the details they receive. Just let us have them, it’s up to them. We are also very vigilant about this supply of information. We never give the details of any client to any unauthorized person. However, there’s no way to pilfer your documents anyway. We store them to the limit for one year. When required, we would upgrade them.

Change of Policy:

We inform customers about them as soon as we adjust our policy or any specific policies. Our policies do not have a hidden agenda. Our practices are absolutely welcoming to the consumer.

Other Policies:

Working Policy:

Packers Club help customers in a safe and smooth process to move their customers. To serve our clients, we maintain a planned and systematic policy. If you call us, our customer service team will immediately contact you. We’re going to send our executives for a survey on a fixed date. Then we will start packing your products with packing materials of the highest quality. Since we use product and labeling materials that are needed to label the products, we need a proper plan. We agree on the day of the packing and continue the job that day. We set the timing of the loading of merchandise after it has been finished. Our packaging specialist team uses a lot of traditional and modern methods to label the products.

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